The Benefits of Music Education

What if we told you the do-re-mi’s had as much cognitive benefit to your child’s learning as the ABCs. Would you believe us? PBS published an article titled “The Benefits of Music Education” written by Laura Lewis Brown that explains learning to…

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Hands-On STEM Education

Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are hugely important. They are the basis for understanding the world, creating, and inventing. In today’s technology and innovation driven world, STEM is more important than ever. There’s a huge…

2016 Win Jimmie Johnson’s Chevy Winner

Jimmie handed over the keys to this year’s Win Jimmie Johnson’s Chevy winner.  Congratulations George!  Enjoy your Chevy Corvette Z06!   Anyone who purchased a ticket and chose to opt in to receive emails from the Jimmie Johnson Foundation will…

2016 Champions Grant Announcement