2013 Champions Grant Awards


Cajon Valley Middle School
$53,290 to create an innovative computer science lab where students will learn computer programming and will produce educational apps for mobile devices

Johnson Elementary School
$50,000 to purchase new computers for the computer lab

Kumeyaay Elementary School
$45,799 to create an outdoor science classroom that will include a native plant habitat and a weather station

North Carolina

Lansdowne Elementary IB World School
$50,000 for a WeatherBug weather station and technology to integrate outdoor education into the existing curriculum

Northwest Cabarrus High School
$65,000 to revitalize their old, unsafe track

Sugar Creek Charter School
$69,000 to create an outdoor learning center and natural play area


Benjamin Franklin Science Academy (PHEOC Program)
$50,000 to implement STEM experiences and an outdoor classroom

Oklahoma School for the Blind
$40,000 to build an apartment that students can use to develop the skills needed to live as independently as possible

Whittier Elementary School
$47,000 to purchase materials for a new, quality school library