2012 Champions Grant Awards


Construction Tech Academy
$47,476 to upgrade, preserve and certify the last remaining precision machine tool technology program in the district

Flying Hills Elementary School
$69,709 to build language and literacy skills with new iMac computers and Imagine Learning software

Santana High School
$77,195 to create a digital fabrication lab

North Carolina

A.T. Allen Elementary School
$30,863 for a WeatherBug station

Billingsville Elementary School
$36,497 to create an indoor FITT Lab to help students be active

KIPP: Charlotte
$69,833 to purchase laptop computers for the school

Piedmont IB Middle School
$84,853 to revitalize the track and field areas


Alice Robertson Junior High
$90,509 to renovate the junior high school stage

Creek Elementary School
$42,696 to create a fitness course and cooling station so students can get fit and healthy

Irving Elementary School and Pershing Elementary School
$50,000 for digital keyboard labs in two elementary schools