2011 Champions Grant Awards


Clairemont High School
$30,680.41 to upgrade and modernize 53-year old woodshop

Granite Hills High School
$71,505.70 to update classroom technology to optimize lessons and increase student learning

High Tech High
$47,040 for a technology upgrade to increase student achievement

Magnolia Elementary School
$48,498.54 to purchase new computers and Imagine Learning Software to improve language and literacy proficiency

Pt. Loma High School
$25,342 to overhaul the Automotive Lab and revitalize their automotive industrial technology program

SD Educational Complex School of Science and Technology
$43,936 to purchase instructional resources to accommodate engineering and green technologies curriculum

W.D. Hall Elementary
$35,467.53 to purchase technology intervention programs necessary to build student language and literacy skills

North Carolina

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Academies of Engineering (Five high school sites: Hopewell, Vance, Mallard Creek, East Mecklenburg, and Philip O. Berry High Schools)
$63,396 to purchase materials for the Academies of Engineering curriculum to prepare students for post-secondary education and provide them with skills and experience necessary to obtain entry level jobs.

J.V. Washam Elementary School
$45,000 Challenge Grant to create a new outdoor learning environment


Alice Robertson Junior High
$25,207.31 to purchase supplies and materials for pre-engineering program

Harris Jobe Elementary School
$51,303.78 to build outdoor learning environment and walking trail to allow for academics and physical activity

Muskogee Early Childhood Center
$3,499.90 for iPads in the classroom to enhance literacy and math skills

Sadler Arts Academy
$30,257.28 to expand outdoor classroom and provide experiential STEM learning opportunities