2015 Champions Grant Awards



Lexington Elementary School
$64,480 to purchase linguistically appropriate reading materials, including bilingual books, for each classroom and simultaneous translation devices for parents to use to ensure students have the best possible chance to improve their reading skills.

Mira Mesa High School
$74,149 to upgrade and replace existing outdated equipment and tools for automotive program which will provide students with a leading edge to earn certification in electrical, suspension and steering and precision tool usage.


North Carolina

C.C. Griffin Middle School
$13,600 to purchase a specialty swing with padding underneath and a canopy overhead for students in the Intellectually Delayed-Severe classroom so they can access an outdoor classroom environment.

Charles E. Boger Elementary School
$81,537 to create a dynamic space in the media center where all students can work independently or collaboratively on creating, designing, inventing and building.

Crown Point Elementary School
$49,468 to provide each classroom with the necessary reading inventory to support student learning and engagement as well as to allow students to experience the joy of self-selecting books from a library of up to date literature.

Harding University High School
$25,983 to create an open, community space (Makerspace) with tools and technology that allows for students to tinker, create, collaborate, problem solve and innovate by turning their ideas into physical reality. 

Independence High School
$62,807 for the Academy of Engineering to purchase the technology and tools necessary to support the National Academy Foundation model using Project Lead The Way career-focused curricula, collaborative learning environments and work-based learning experiences.

University Park Creative Arts Elementary School
$52,434 to create a track and interactive fitness stations in order to spark the promotion of healthy living and activities, whole child education and to give students a place to demonstrate improvement through movement” both academically and physically.



Hilldale Public Schools
$96,525 to purchase much-needed technology for Middle and High School students in order to prepare them to become a critical part of the workforce.

Rougher Alternative Academy
$27,964 to develop a student produced morning news show by purchasing the necessary tools and equipment.