2010 Champions Grant Awards


Chase Avenue School
$53,898 to build a running track

Emerald STEM Magnet Middle School
$98,833.78 to create Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Classrooms

Grossmont High School
$72,000 to renovate the performing arts facility and purchase additional equipment

Fulton K-8 School
$20,319 to replace computer lab equipment

Marston Middle School
$48,226.71 to upgrade the school woodshop

Mission Bay High School
$39,870.91 to integrate modern design technology into the school’s Graphic and Website Design program  

San Diego Unified School District
$87,271.92 ($10,768.90-Actual) to fund the Off Campus Integrated Learning Experiences (OCILE) Project.  (Due to the termination of the OCILE project in June 2011, the grant amount was reduced to fund items that could be used during the remaining program days).


North Carolina

Collinswood Language Academy
$45,947 to build a playground for first through eighth graders

KIPP: Charlotte
$54,000 to outfit science and math classrooms with SMART Boards and calculators

Pressly Alternative School
$25,401 to provide seven SMART Boards and Laptops to enhance in-classroom learning through technology



Cherokee Elementary School
$68,098 to develop a literacy program using literacy, technology and hands-on learning

Tony Goetz Elementary School
$25,038 to provide blinds and solar shades for each classroom

Mitchell Elementary School
$34,000 Challenge Grant to build a playground