2009 Champions Grant Awards


Chase Avenue Elementary
$19,500 to purchase a bilingual translation system to enable communication in multiple languages

Crawford High School
$32,495 to explore the use of alternative fuels with National Automotive Technical Education program

Crest Elementary School
$45,898 to create hands on activities in Science, Technology, Health/Fitness and the arts, including after school programs

Emerald STEM Magnet Middle School
$100,000 to create a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Lab

Granite Hills High School
$31,155 to assist with stadium renovations

Greenfield Middle School
$31,572 to provide safe lunch area equipment for students

Johnson Elementary School
$20,714 to create a health and wellness program to learn about healthy eating and exercise

Magnolia Elementary School
$27,915 to purchase student responders for interactive teaching

Multimedia & Visual Art School
$87,000 to create a high tech art fabrication lab that will allow students to design high-tech community-based projects

Point Loma High School
$90,000 to provide exercise equipment for the new weight room facility

Rios Elementary
$13,600 to purchase an online accelerated reading program


North Carolina

Ashley Park Elementary School
$62,061 to create a K-2 and a 3-5 Science Lab to enable students to learn through hands-on experiments and exploration

Collinswood Language Academy
$5,787 to provide one SMART Board and Laptop to enhance in-classroom learning through technology

East Iredell Elementary School
$54,000 to construct a new playground to adequately meet the needs of all the students

JH Gunn Elementary School
$7,536 to provide two SMART Boards and Laptops to enhance in-classroom learning through technology

Metro School
$8,860 to provide one SMART Table to allow non-verbal students the ability to communicate with each other and enhance the learning environment

RB McAlister Elementary School
$3,725 to provide 7 ELMO Document Cameras to be used in conjunction with existing SMART Boards

Smithfield Elementary School
$64,914 to construct a new and safer playground for the students

Third Creek Elementary School
$3,714 to provide one SMART Board to enhance in-classroom learning through technology

University Meadows Elementary School
$14,248 to purchase an accelerated reading program which will enable students to match their required reading with their specific interests



Creek Elementary School
$31,684 to enhance the Johnson Mission Control Center, which will provide a unique learning environment that will tie together an existing space shuttle into a building

Muskogee High School
$30,000 to provide up-to-date science technology equipment for the labs

Muskogee High School
$9,900 plus 50 Samsung Netbooks to create a foreign language lab

Pershing Elementary School
$9,988 to assist with the creation of the parent/teacher resource room to strengthen the parent connections

Sadler Arts Academy
$41,936 to create an outdoor classroom as an additional learning environment

Tony Goetz Elementary School
$44,764 to create an outdoor classroom with a focus on literacy and the arts

Tulsa School District
$29,500 to fund a mobile instructional/communication vehicle for the district