2017 Champions Grant Awards


Albert Einstein Academy Charter School
$25,815 to infuse physical fitness and academics to create an innovative break from traditional classroom learning. This action-based learning approach has been proven to increase cognitive function and provide a tool to help children focus and learn more efficiently.

El Capitan High School
$74,088 to support the school’s transition to becoming a “Project Lead the Way” school for the computer science pathway. The requested technology is required to be able to utilize the PLTW program and resources.

Valhalla High School:
$36,390 to provide students with access to professional grade industry standard cameras so they can gain the necessary career technical skills to be successful in both the pursuits of employment and postsecondary educational opportunities.

Wegeforth Elementary School
$40,098 to purchase high quality books for classroom libraries that will increase student reading, engagement and achievement. K-2 guided reading books support the necessary small group teaching needed so students can independently self-select and enjoy books in their classroom library.



North Carolina

Allenbrook Elementary School
$28,035 to allow students to seek an opportunity to have access to additional STEM education opportunities. Based on student surveys, the school will create a STEM special area class using design thinking principles complete with a makerspace accessible for all students.

Beverly Hills STEM Elementary
$44,525 to allow students to use cutting-edge technology and learn the real world applications of its use in today’s workplace, thus better preparing them for future jobs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Jay M. Robinson High School
$51,827 for a Future Ready Lab that will create an opportunity for students to partner with businesses and industry to identify opportunities to improve operations by applying engineering principles in real-world applications using 3-D printers and mentoring from industry experts.

Metro School
$31,500 to purchase seating to allow students to maximize time on task, attention to task, and have greater opportunities to participate in learning experiences off campus during community-based training when provided with adapted mobile alternative seating for individuals with special needs.

Sedgefield Middle School
$29,907 to create a Language Lab that will allow the scholars of Sedgefield Middle School to have an interactive, sensory driven, language lab including traditional and non-traditional seating situations, designated technology and software to assist in language acquisition, as well as materials specific for English Language Learners including piloting the PILOT translation kit.

West Charlotte High School
$46,401 to supplement the work going on to make WCHS a high school with ample and unique opportunities to innovate, explore, and create with computers, technology and computer science. This project will fund activities and resources that align with their Information Technology Academy but are available to all students.

Westerly Hills Academy
$42,799 to increase student engagement, teacher and student technology proficiency, and academic achievement. The project will create opportunities for students to cultivate self-confidence, promote inventiveness, and interest in STEAM and learning as a whole by opening a MakerSpace Innovation Lab.

W.R. Odell Primary School
$31,917 to increase student interest in STEM fields by exposing them to a wide variety of age appropriate robotics. The goal is to use the resources to build skills such as collaboration and problem solving while engaging students in technology.



Muskogee High School
$25,037 to purchase a Wenger Legacy acoustical shell for the MHS auditorium for use with all music education rehearsals and performances. The shell will greatly enhance student hearing across the ensemble to encourage more mature music making decisions as well as enabling the audience to hear the performance.