2016 Champions Grant Awards




Cajon Valley Union School District
$92,325 to purchase bilingual books and multilingual training videos that will improve the delivery of parent training for families of English Language Learners, which will, in turn, directly impact parent abilities to support their children’s education at home.

Cubberley Elementary School
$35,486 to purchase essential core books listed in TCRWP Field Guide to the Classroom Library needed to create robust classroom libraries so students can fully access this powerful literacy program.

Monte Vista High School
$70,554 to bring students much needed access to cutting edge technology that can revolutionize their learning. Virtual Reality will make challenging concepts such as relative size and distance of planets in the solar system, functions within the human body at the cellular level, and understanding of physics concepts, accessible and highly engaging for ALL learners, especially English Language Learners and Special Education students who may struggle with traditional single modality learning environments.


North Carolina

Mallard Creek Elementary School
$49,237 to purchase classroom libraries that will allow students to increase their knowledge, comprehension and love of reading by having nonfiction, fiction and math books to read in their classrooms and to take into their homes daily.

Northwest School of the Arts
$99,304 to create an outdoor health & fitness course/trail that will bring engaging and exciting fitness equipment promoting physical, mental and social wellness for the entire student body at a school that currently does not have any fitness facilities or programs.

Piedmont Open Middle School
$74,526 to create a collaborative learning commons to support the need for academic collaboration and communication of Piedmont students who come from over 57 elementary schools. Because of the large number and vastly different cultures of the elementary schools the students come from, it is extremely important they have a place that purposefully facilitates their collaboration and emotional growth.

Randolph IB Middle School
$50,665 to purchase basic science tables and demo stations for sixth grade science students, as well as storage cabinets to house microscopes and models.

Windsor Park Elementary School
$24,438 to create an all-purpose soccer field. The new field will be the centerpiece of an initiative to increase healthy habits for life in students, build opportunities for more exercise and increased learning, and provide a place that students, families and the neighborhood community can enjoy year round.



Grant Foreman Elementary School
$22,000 to provide additional outlets for physical fitness, including new playground equipment, exercise equipment and outdoor musical equipment. This will allow Grant Foreman to find more ways to engage students in music and movement.

KIPP Tulsa College Preparatory
$25,356 to provide intervention programs focused on the essential remediation of basic literacy skills. Through high volumes of reading throughout the day, choice and guided reading instruction and vocabulary development, students will be poised to grow to grade level and placed on a college-ready track.

Tony Goetz Elementary School
$26,000 to help enhance student learning by purchasing updated books for the school library.

Whittier Elementary School
$30,000 to repurpose existing areas of the school building to create a Family Resource Center. This will create a safe and more approachable space for parents to interact with other parents, students and teachers in order to provide them with a place to seek help and information.